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Lauren Boebert Basically Asked An Audience Of Churchgoers To Pray For Joe Biden’s Death (Again)

Much like “Republicanism,” what it means to be a “Christian” today — in a heated political climate where church and state regularly intersect — is constantly in flux. And depends not only on who you ask, but which day of the week or hour of the day you ask them. The latest example of Christianity run amok comes to us courtesy of Lauren Boebert.

As Raw Story reports, the gun-lovin’ Colorado congresswoman — who only narrowly won her reelection in November — stopped by a church, where she spoke to the crowd of devoted churchgoers and even attempted to lead them in prayer. A prayer that many interpreted as wishing death upon President Joe Biden.

“May his days be few and another take his office,” Boebert said of the current POTUS.

Say what?

As Sarah K. Burris wrote for Raw Story, this isn’t the first time Boebert has uttered that phrase — or at least something very similar to it. In 2022, she stopped by the Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs and also prayed that Biden’s “days be few.”

The social media reaction to Boebert’s comments was swift, with some calling for any church that would host such a partisan person spewing hatred immediately have their tax-exempt status revoked.

Others have suggested that Boebert’s words constitute a threat to the president, and should therefore be charged as a federal crime. According to Burris, “Boebert has gotten away with in the past because she’s not asking activists to actively kill, but rather praying for death.”

(Via Raw Story)