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Shady GOP Rep. George Santos Of Course Had Weird Encounters With Joe Biden And Mitt Romney At The State Of The Union

George Santos has been a U.S. representative for over a month now, and he doesn’t seem to being the most unpopular person in Congress. Before he was sworn in, he was the subject of an avalanche of accusations. After he was sworn in, the avalanche continued. It hasn’t stopped, with one strange/alarming claim after another, of him lying about, well, everything. If he thought his colleagues would warm to him for President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union speech, he was wrong.

First up was his run-in with Mitt Romney. Santos, who managed to snag an aisle seat for the big show, at one point walked over to the Utah senator and failed presidential candidate. Cameras caught the exchange, and though no audio has yet to be made public, it didn’t look good.

Of course, you didn’t have to be a master lip reader to catch some words. People caught Romney telling Santos something about him being “embarrassed.” Others thought Romney told him, “I wouldn’t be here.” A lot of people speculated on what was said.

Whatever the case, Santos walked away with Romney still appearing to mutter about him, with Santos saying something back.

Then there was his run-in with Biden himself. Santos perched himself along Biden’s path, ready to get a handshake from the president.

But video appeared to show Biden giving him a quick glance then moving on, potentially snubbing him.

Here’s a freeze frame of the apparent eye-lock.

Maybe Biden, a dog lover, doesn’t have time for people accused of multiple cases of dog-related fraud.

Or maybe Biden’s just no fan of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, which Santos allegedly claimed he produced.