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Ben Affleck’s Already Grumpy Mood At The Grammys Reportedly Grew Worse For Another Reason: ‘Oh God, This Again’

Ben Affleck’s Grumpy Grammy Face was the biggest non-music-related moment of the evening. He looked truly “miserable,” as people observed, and this reminded everyone of his expressions as captured by the paparazzi. This is likely due to his resting face, no doubt (it happens to the best and worst of us), and Affleck has made clear that he’s aware of those Sad Batman memes and people chuckling at his sad faces while he fetches the Dunkin’ coffee bounty that actually makes him happy.

In response to Ben’s apparent sadness in front of the Grammy’s audience, lip readers speculated aplenty while claiming that JLo — in regard to an apparent exchange of tense words on camera — was telling Ben to perk up. A source also claimed that Ben was simply exhausted and out of his element as a homebody who doesn’t really dig events. However, a more telling account has gone down, courtesy of a Grammys Seat Filler, who (via Buzzfeed News & The Daily Beast) took to TikTok with her story.

Using her @AlmostAnna handle, the TikToker reported that JLo actually showed Ben the live memes of his pained expression, which did not help the situation. “J.Lo showed Ben Affleck the phone and was like ‘Oh my god honey look at this meme circulating about you,’” Anna revealed. “[Ben] was like, ‘Oh god this again.’”


Replying to @canadiansupernova #greenscreen this is prob the funniest story i have it was so silly. Feeling overhelmed by this attention so im gonna take a break from all of this, i shared the big things and the how-to but all this attention is a lot haha 🙂 I answered all the important questions already, good luck guys! Hear about it more on @hitqldbreakfast tonight! #seatfiller #grammys

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If Anna’s claims are true, then Ben’s live response to the memes only made him look grumpier, which amplified the memes, and this is Peak Internet stuff. Oh boy. I won’t tell Ben to cheer up, but I’m glad that he’s got a sense of humor about everything.

(Via Buzzfeed News & The Daily Beast)