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‘Uproxx Recon’ Goes Long To Take A Look At Football Video Game History

So, it’s the end of another football season and your team didn’t make it to the show. Why not direct your frustrated energy toward giving your team another virtual chance at the Lombardi trophy?

That’s why, on this edition of Uproxx Recon with Ray Apollo and Noelle Miller, we’re talking about football video games.

Football has been part of video games culture since the very beginning on home consoles like the Atari 2600 and in arcades with 1978’s Atari Football. America’s true pastime has been a visible part of video games through all of its innovations like online play, rosters that can update in real-time, and even virtual reality. Quite a jump.

When we think about football video games, we think about super sims like the Madden franchise and the ghost of the NFL2K franchise that some fans just can’t forget about. This is why we’re talking about those games in this episode and arcade-style games like NFL Street that opened up football to more casual fans while twisting the most basic rules of the sport and turning them into a whole new experience, proving that fun can be had with football games that let you do things you could never do on the gridiron without getting a hefty fine.

Check out the episode and let us know about your favorite football video game moments.