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Natasha Lyonne Sees Through All Of Those Beer Commercial Lies In A ‘Poker Face’ Super Bowl Spot

In Rian Johnson’s new crime show, Poker Face, Natasha Lyonne plays Charlie, a Columbo-type who possesses the unique ability to tell when everyone is lying. Using her skills and signature raspy voice that makes everyone want to talk to her, Charlie solves weekly crimes and is often visited by fun guest stars. The series is a fun departure from the binge-it-all-at-once model that has become much too common as of late. And now, the show has its own prime-time ad just in time for the big game.

For her snazzy Super Bowl ad, Charlie is seen being asked about various ads and their lies: the friends from the beer commercials aren’t really friends, and, worst of all, the M&M spokescandies being fired was all an elaborate hoax. Who could have possibly thought that?!

But then the ad gets a little meta and shows a commercial for Poker Face, to the star of Poker Face. Don’t you just love Super Bowl ad season? Anything is possible!

Of course, Charlie insists that everyone should watch the show because that’s quite literally the purpose of the ad, but hopefully, this will mean more viewers and therefore more seasons of Poker Face. It’s not like Rian Johnson is busy right now, anyway.

Poker Face airs Thursdays on Peacock. Check out the Super Bowl spot above.