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Spider-Man Noir Is Getting His Own Live-Action Series On Amazon Because The Spider-Verse Isn’t Big Enough Yet

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (that doesn’t actually have Spider-Man in it) is reportedly developing a new live-action series centered on Spider-Man Noir. As part of a previously announced arrangement, the series will premiere on Amazon and MGM+ which are now the official streaming home for Sony Spider-Man TV projects that don’t actually have Spider-Man in them. Not sure if we mentioned that.

The Spider-Man Noir character made his first appearance in 2009 as part of Marvel Comics’ Noir universe where the iconic character is reimagined as a hard-boiled 1920s detective with powers granted to him by a spider-god. He’s since popped up in various projects, notably the animated tour-de-force Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse where he was voiced by Nicolas Cage. The Amazon series will be the first live-action version of the character. However, unlike the comics, Spider-Man Noir will not be Peter Parker because, again, these things can’t have the actual Spider-Man in them thanks to Sony’s current arrangement with Marvel Studios.

Via Variety:

Oren Uziel will serve as writer and executive producer on the Spider-Man Noir show. Uziel developed the show along with “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and former Sony boss Amy Pascal, who all executive produce. Pascal executive produces via Pascal Pictures. Sony Pictures Television is the studio, with Lord and Miller currently under an overall deal there.

The untiled Spider-Man Noir series is now the second live-action series headed for Amazon. Silk: Spider Society is already in the works and will introduce Cindy Moon (a.k.a. Silk) to the burgeoning Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. That show, and stop us if you’ve heard this before, will also not have Spider-Man in it.

(Via Variety)