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Who Is Stalking Joe In ‘You’ Season 4?

(Major spoilers for You will obviously be found below.)

It turns out that killing your wife, abandoning your baby, and growing a beard is a pretty surefire way to give a show the quick 4th season refresh it needs. That’s what Joe did at the end of YOU season three, and the fourth season picks up across the pond for a whole new arch of scheming and stalking. But this time, instead of being the one following, Joe is the one with his own shadow stalking him throughout the entire first half of season four.

As Joe attempts to blend in with his new peers as a professor in London, he intertwines himself with a new group of shady characters: there’s Phoebe, the influencer, and her boyfriend Adam, fellow professor Malcolm and his girlfriend Kate, writer Rhys, plus artist couple Simon and Sophie. Of course, as the season progresses, Joe is back in his violent ways, and he is being watched by someone who seems to know all of his (very dark and bloody) secrets and begins to frame him after Malcolm ends up dead.

As more people die, Joe’s new friends rightfully begin to suspect he is not who he seems, and he receives texts from a mysterious stranger. But at the climax of the season, Roald, who suspects Joe is the killer, and Joe are both kidnapped by Rhys, who is (gasp!) the one who was stalking and framing Joe, who also happens to be in love with Kate, Joe’s new interest. These murderous love triangles can be so tricky.

He manages to escape and vows to bring down Rhys, who now plans on running for office, which is probably where the next half of the season will take us. The next five episodes will be released on March 9th, and while it’s not clear if this will be the end of Joe’s story, we will certainly get some more there will certainly be some sort of stalker v. stalker showdown here.

(Via Time)