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Natasha Lyonne Revealed That As A Kid She Lost Out On Two Wholesome ’90s Teen Shows

Natasha Lyonne is bigger now than she’s ever been, and she’s been around a long time. In her youth, she was your sort-of-typical young actress, going up for the kind of roles every aspiring young actress goes up for. She was a semi-average teen in American Pie, even though she recently admitted she couldn’t relate to that scene. She even could have wound up on some of the ‘90s more wholesome teen shows, had she actually gotten the roles.

While appearing on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked her to name one role she lost to a fellow actress that she thought should have been hers.

“Gosh, there’s a lot,” she replied. “I mean, how far back do you want to go?” She then started listing roles. “Well, I didn’t get Six or Blossom [on Blossom]. I didn’t get Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” These prompted gasps from both Cohen as well as fellow guest Alison Brie. So she added another: Curly Sue, the 1991 John Hughes movie in which she would have played a street smart, homeless con artist. (That role went to future singer Alisan Porter.)

So Lyonne didn’t get Blossom or Sabrina. But she did get 1993’s Dennis the Menace and later one of her finer roles, Slums of Beverly Hills. And now she’s making her own popular shows and busting murderers on Poker Face.

You can watch Lyonne’s Watch What Happens Live appearance in the video below.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)