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Charles Barkley Plans To Pull An All-Nighter In Vegas And Bet ‘Probably $100,000’ On The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a pretty popular day for those who gamble. This includes — you may be shocked to learn — Basketball Hall of Fame inductee and TNT personality Charles Barkley, who revealed on the “Steam Room” podcast that he plans on pulling an all-nighter in Las Vegas on the day of the game and intends to put six figures on the line for this weekend’s matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Me and 12 of my friends go to Vegas every year for the Super Bowl,” Barkley said. “There’s a good chance I’ma be pulling an all-nighter … Sunday into Monday, because we’re playing golf Saturday and Sunday, the Super Bowl starts around 3, 3:30 Pacific Time. So by the time the game ends, I’ll probably gamble all night Sunday and go straight to the airport.”

Ernie Johnson then asked Barkley how much he plans on putting on the game, to which Barkley said “probably $100,000.” And while he did not say what, exactly, are his best bets for the game, he did reveal which team he unsurprisingly wants to win.

“Go Eagles,” Barkley said. “E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES.”

Earlier this week, Barkley appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and said that he’s putting money on the Birds. “I think they’re gonna win no matter what,” Barkley predicted. “They’ve been my team for a long time, and man, they’ve been the best team all year.”