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The Chiefs Scored Two Touchdowns Against The Eagles On A Play Called ‘Corn Dog’

The Kansas City Chiefs put on an offensive clinic in the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles to win their second Super Bowl title in four years, scoring on every single possession after trailing 24-14 at the break.

Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy identified what the Eagles were doing and pushed on Philly’s pressure points until they broke, most notably running the same exact play for their last two touchdowns of the game. The first time was to Kadarius Toney on the right side of the formation, as he motioned in like he was going on a jet sweep before pivoting back outside at the snap, ending up wide open while the Eagles defense was scrambling to communicate how they’d switch the motion.

On the next possession they got down to the same spot in the red zone and dialed it up for a second time, this time to Skyy Moore on the left side of the formation, resulting in the exact same breakdown from the Eagles defense.

Given how complex most of the verbiage is around the NFL for offenses, you’d expect this to have a pretty elaborate playcall name. You would be wrong, because that’s not how Andy Reid rolls. The play that effectively destroyed the Eagles defense is simply called: Corn Dog.

Reid: It’s called Corn Dog.
King: It’s called what?
Reid: It’s called Corn Dog.
King: It’s not called Corn Dog.
Reid: Oh yeah it’s Corn Dog.
King: Is it called Corn Dog?
Reid: There’s nothing better than a good corn dog with some mustard and ketchup.
King: But he doesn’t step into the huddle and say “Corn Dog.”
Reid: Oh no, he says Corn Dog.

I love Peter King’s disbelief, because it really does seem like Andy Reid is messing with him. But Reid insists this is just Corn Dog. There’s not some wild, 20 word long call in the huddle for it. Patrick Mahomes just strolls into the huddle and tells the fellas “Corn Dog on 1” and off they go, scoring touchdowns and winning Super Bowls.