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Jabari Smith Jr. Just Wanted To Sleep In Philadelphia After The Super Bowl: ‘Man, I Got Embiid Tomorrow And Y’all Up Beatin Drums’

The Super Bowl is one of the few remaining events where it feels like everything stops and focuses on a singular thing — even if plenty of the focus is on things beyond the field like the halftime show or ads.

On Monday, though, the sports world gets right back to its normal schedule, which means a full slate of NBA games, including a Rockets-Sixers game in Philadelphia, where morale isn’t exactly high right now after the Eagles saw a 10-point lead evaporate in the second half to the Chiefs. Even after the loss, Eagles fans were out and about in the streets, as win or lose they were going to consume a lot of beverages and make a ruckus well into the night.

That was a problem for the Rockets, who were trying in vain to go to bed in their Philly hotel room, which rookie Jabari Smith Jr. chronicled on his Instagram story, pleading with the fans below to go to bed and stop beating drums outside because he had to deal with Joel Embiid tomorrow and needed a solid night’s rest.

The dancing Travis Kelce filter really adds to the whole thing, as he’s half trolling Philly fans and half understanding of their frustration. Unfortunately for Smith, his plea will fall on deaf ears, as he is certainly not going to get to sleep anytime soon if he needs complete quiet outside. If it’s any consolation for Smith, it would be a whole lot louder after an Eagles win, so it could be even worse for him tonight.