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People Had Jokes About What Rihanna’s Newly Announced Baby Was Doing During Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

Yesterday (February 12) was huge for Rihanna. Obviously, she performed the halftime show at Super Bowl LVII, hosted in Glendale, Arizona’s State Farm Stadium. Perhaps of more personal significance, though, was that Rihanna took the opportunity to announce that she’s pregnant with her and ASAP Rocky’s second baby. While it wasn’t explicitly clear right away that Rihanna had announced a pregnancy on stage, representatives later confirmed it.

After Rihanna dropped that bit of news, halftime show viewers couldn’t help but wonder: What did it look like for baby No. 2 inside of Rihanna’s womb, as the singer moved around and put on her epic performance? Naturally, the internet came through with memes aplenty, mostly communicating one of two ideas: The baby was either dancing and enjoying itself or being uncontrollably jostled inside their mother. Here are examples of each take:

When the new baby is born, Rihanna and Rocky’s two children will be close in age, as their first child was only just born back in May 2022. The two haven’t offered many details about their first kid yet, although in December, Rihanna did share an adorable video of the baby strapped in a car seat and doing cute baby stuff.

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