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Chris Evans Debuted His New GF On Instagram And Everyone Is Being Really Normal And Nice About It

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must realize that their fictional boyfriend is not their real boyfriend and is instead a real-life actor who is nothing like said fictional person. Most people make this realization after watching Christian Bale in Little Women at age 10, but sometimes those feelings linger until you’re old enough to sign up for a Twitter account. And sometimes, unfortunately, your fictional boyfriend gets a real-life girlfriend and you have to seem supportive because that’s how this works!!

It seems like Chris Evans has decided to break up with all of his fans at once by posting a Valentine’s Day reel with his rumored girlfriend, Warrior Nun star Alba Baptista. The clip features various photos of the duo, who have allegedly been dating for over a year, sandwiched in between photos of Evans’ beloved dog (this might unintentionally lead to a Pavlovian effect where fans of Chris Evans will now feel sadness every time they see a cute dog, but he probably didn’t think about that).

Of course, all of Evans’ devoted and very intense fans have been sharing their support for the actor, and everyone is really being nice and normal and happy for the lovely couple!

Please take this as a sign to go out and get some fresh air and maybe a dog.