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Reuben Vincent And Rapsody’s ‘Feb. 13th’ Honors Black Love Day With An Honest Video About Relationships

Lana Del Rey may not be in the Valentine’s Day mood, but RocNation’s budding new talent Reuben Vincent is. His latest single, “February 13th,” produced by legendary hip-hop fixture Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, is a testament to honoring your partner while you have them.

The track, which features fellow rapper Rapsody, off of his new album Love Is War, is yet another showing off Vincent’s lyrical abilities.

When asked about the track, Vincent replied, “‘Feb. 13th’ is a record that’s full of pure emotion. Ironically, I found out it was celebrated as ‘Black Love Day,’ but this song was made to tackle the ups and downs of relationships and the wrongs that come with it.”

He added, “It was the day before Valentine’s Day, so we wanted to make this the break-up song. Everyone who is a part of this record experienced real emotions to get to this point.”

The video, directed by Patrick Lincoln, is the visual manifestation of that feeling as both Vincent and Rapsody reminisce on their respective former lovers.

As for how the collaboration came to be, Rapsody said, “The making of both the song and video was a very organic experience. Myself and Reuben were staying with Young Guru in LA during the pandemic, waking up talking, learning together, and having life conversations. We all put our experiences in the music, and we all poured into the idea of the visual in the same way.”

“Guru had the initial concept, I was on Pinterest finding inspiration for how to execute it, and Reuben was throwing in scene ideas,” she continued. “It was how creating in a village is supposed to look. That’s how it all came together so well.”

Watch the full video above.