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‘The Bear’ Star Jeremy Allen White Has Spoken Of His Enduring ‘Shameless’ Love By Pinpointing A Planned Tribute

Jeremy Allen White toiled away as the long-suffering Lip Gallagher for over a decade on Shameless. He acted his ass off in a frankly underrated performance, but he’s finally getting his due after The Bear. Following the FX/Hulu show’s breakout, White suddenly had four A24 scripts when people saw his intense, charismatic embodiment of Chef Carmy. Granted, he was also referred to as “Ketamine Gene Wilder,” and fans thirsted like crazy over Carmy, and some people may have gotten carried away with wondering whether whether Carmy should get busy when the show reconvenes for a second season. It’s a fair inquiry.

White’s star has volleyed into the stratosphere, but as part of Vanity Fair‘s annual Hollywood Issue, the guy who can’t leave Chicago made clear that you can’t take the Shameless out of him, either. As a result, the show remains near and dear to him, and when quizzed about whether he’d ever “get a bit of ink to represent this year,” White had a ready response:

“I think I’m done with tattoos, to be honest. I’ve spent so much time in the makeup chair this year. If I were to get anything next, it would be for [playing] Philip Gallagher — those 11 years on Shameless were so special. I don’t think I give that time in my life enough love in my head, so maybe I could love it on my skin.”

This needs to happen. Something to the effect of a “Stabby” scrawling, perhaps? I kid. Tammy was a real piece of work to Lip for awhile, but she came around and started acting like a decent human being. As well, Fiona actress Emmy Rossum has made clear how proud she is for due recognition finally going to White, who did recently win a Golden Globe for The Bear. All good things for this Chef, and he’ll keep it coming.

(Via Vanity Fair)