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Paul Rudd Was Delighted By Lizzo Mistaking A ‘Late Night’ Writer For Him And He Put Their Similarity To The Test

Shortly before 2022 wrapped up, Seth Meyers and Lizzo spent some time together day-drinking for a Late Night segment. One of the many fun moments from that was when Lizzo saw Late Night writer Seth Reiss in a mask and thought he was Paul Rudd. Once he took his mask off, though, Lizzo exploded into laughter before changing her position and declaring the two don’t look anything alike.

Fast-forward to last night (February 14): Rudd was a guest on Late Night and he and Meyers discussed the Lizzo segment.

Rudd noted, “When I heard Lizzo say my name, I was like, ‘Ooh!’ I got all excited [laughs]. By the way, it’s a weird thing when you’re not expecting to hear that and you hear it.” He went on to call her “so funny” and “so charming.”

Meyers then cut to a clip of Lizzo confusing Reiss for Rudd, and when that ended, Rudd was wearing a mask, as Reiss was in the video. A masked Reiss then emerged to pose next to Rudd, and indeed, there was some definite similarity there.

“You know what? Not as bad as I thought,” Meyers proclaimed. “I owe an apology to Lizzo.”

Watch the Rudd interview above and revisit the original Lizzo segment below.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.