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The ‘You’ Season Four Part Two Trailer Brings A Ghost Back From The Dead

(Spoilers for You Season 4 Part 1 will be found below.)

Joe Goldberg is a very complicated man! Even though he began You as a lowly bookshop clerk, he has risen above all of those pesky obstacles to become a professor in London. And by “obstacles” I mean stalking, harassing, kidnapping, killing, etc. You get it. But he has a beard now, and that’s all that counts.

The first half of You season four turned the show on its head by revealing Joe/Jonathan had his own stalker, which was (spoiler) revealed to be Rhys. Part two of the season kicks into high gear as Rhys enlists Joe to help him carry out various schemes.

The trailer for the second batch of episodes features Joe grappling with his murderous past but proclaiming that he is not a cold-blooded psycho, while Rhys continues to blackmail him. You might start to feel a little bad for him before you remember that killed his ex-wife and abandoned his kid. This man has a lot of complex ideas about love.

Speaking of Love, she seems to appear to Joe towards the end of the trailer, probably in some sort of hallucination, but it’s always good to see Victoria Pedretti back on the screen!

The final five episodes of You season four will drop on Netflix on March 9th. Check out the trailer above.