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Jessie Ware Goes Full-On Diva In Her Luxurious New ‘Pearls’ Video

Last week, Jessie Ware announced That! Feels Good!, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2020 album What’s Your Pleasure?. She released the bombastic single “Pearls” and said it “doesn’t take itself too seriously but demands you to have a dance.”

Now, she’s demonstrating exactly what she means with the new “Pearls” music video. In a stunning white dress, she shows off her slick moves, while flaunting her pearl necklace so hard it breaks into pieces. She comes off as both incredibly classy and extremely fun to party with.

She also said the song is “inspired by divas like Donna Summer, Evelyn Champagne King, Teena Marie, and Chaka Khan.” The video watches Ware herself becoming a diva — though some may argue the icon has been one for years.

In another statement in a press release, the singer shared about her new album: “That! Feels Good! is a record to be enjoyed, to sing and shout the words back at me and to each other. It’s a culmination of hard work and total pleasure appreciating the job I have and the worlds I get to dive into. I have never felt so ready for people to hear something I’ve made.”

Watch the “Pearls” video above.

That! Feels Good! is out 4/28. Pre-order it here.