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When Is The Next Episode Of ‘Poker Face?’

Poker Face was effectively pitched to the world (and maybe even Peacock) as Columbo but with Natasha Lyonne. That’s not entirely accurate. For one thing, Lyonne’s Charlie Cale isn’t even part of law enforcement, let alone a homicide detective. For another, there’s a continuing story. But it’s still a murderer-of-the-week program, where, like Columbo, we learn who the murderer is before our hero starts a-sleuthin’. The first four episodes all debuted on the same day, but the remaining six have been scheduled to come out every week on the same day.

When is the next episode of Poker Face?

Poker Face episodes bow on Thursdays, which means that the next episode — its seventh — arrives on February 16, on Peacock. This week’s episode is called “The Future of the Sport,” and here is the plot description on its IMDb page:

While working at a go-kart complex, Charlie becomes involved in a bitter feud between an aging race car driver and a hotheaded young upstart, whose rivalry has explosive consequences.

It’s likely Tim Blake Nelson plays the “aging race car driver,” while Charles Melton plays his young rival. So who kills who? You’ll find out when the episode goes live on Thursday, February 16.

On Wednesday, February 15, mere days after its Super Bowl ad aired, Poker Face was renewed for a second season, giving Charlie — who, again, ain’t even a cop — still more chances to risk her life to bust murderers.

New episodes of ‘Poker Face’ are available on the Peacock every Thursday.