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Flo Milli Has No Regrets About Playing As A ‘Nasty Dancer’ On Her New Song

Flo Milli is back with her brand new song and another bad b*tch anthem in the form of “Nasty Dancer.”

Throughout the track, she carries with some heavy-hitting lines. “I made him take me to Turks / He spent a cheque so this p*ssy be makin’ him surf / Give ’em a reason to lurk / F*ck up his life then I take him to church (Hallelujah),” Milli rhymes in the second verse.

In addition to the not-so-subtle bars, there is a fun reference to fellow rapper Doja Cat thrown in when the song first opens. “In love with the cat, give him Doja,” she cheekily references.

Milli also makes some time to remind everyone out there, especially her haters, what the situation is and who is in control. “I ain’t been countin’ my haters but I swear, I’m countin’ this cash,” she adds.

Ahead of the song’s official drop, Flo Milli had teased it with a recreated Tamar Braxton scene from Braxton Family Values, down to the similar costumes and all.

It also follows her “Conceited” remix that dropped last month and brought both Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don onto the track.

Check out Flo Milli’s “Nasty Dancer” with the skit above.