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48-Year-Old Da Brat Is Pregnant With Her First Child After Believing She’d Never Have Kids

Da Brat has done a lot in her life. The rapper has had albums and songs reach the top 10 of the Billboard charts and achieve platinum certification. She’s earned Grammy nominations. She’s otherwise cemented herself as a key figure in hip-hop history. Now, at 48 years old, she’s trying something new: pregnancy.

Da Brat confirmed with People that she and wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are expecting a baby. Harris-Dupart previously had three children before her relationship with Da Brat, and for Da Brat, this is her first time carrying a child. She is currently 18 weeks pregnant.

She told People, “I never thought I was going to have kids. I just thought it wasn’t in the cards for me. I’ve had a great career, a full life. I felt like, because I didn’t get pregnant earlier on, then it just wasn’t going to happen for me.”

Da Brat also noted, “It’s been quite a journey. There’s a lot of stuff we learned about women over the age of 40.”

She also said of how her mindset shifted after meeting Harris-Dupart, “I started looking at life so differently,” says Da Brat. “I was like, I want a little me with you. Something special from the both of us that we can share and raise and love unconditionally.”

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