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Lady Gaga Has Achieved A New Milestone With All Of Her Solo Studio Albums

Lady Gaga is the latest artist to have an old song revived, thanks to TikTok. Her 2011 hit “Bloody Mary” is at the center of online dance trends after it was in the viral show Wednesday. It’s likely that this resurgence played a role in this new milestone she just achieved.

Pop Crave shared today that all of Gaga’s solo studio albums have reached one billion streams on Spotify. This includes The Fame, Born This Way, Artpop, Joanne, and Chromatica.

Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Artpop, which is a decade old as of this year, is getting a part two soon. One of the producers of that record, DJ White Shadow, spoke about it in an interview.

“She has feelings (like any other normal person), and this ‘era’ was a hard time for her too,” he said. “I am sure she will be okay with revisiting it one day and building on it when the time is right. I will continue to push for those songs you want so badly that LG and I did, and I hope you will get to hear them. Don’t let them die. Continue to get your message to the people in charge. You have the power, don’t give up.”