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Mike Pence Claims That He Told Vladimir Putin ‘Things He Didn’t Want To Hear,’ But No One Believes Him

While Donald Trump continues to say nice things about his buddy Vladimir Putin, much to the dismay of those around him, Mike Pence is threatening the Russian tyrant. Or so he claims. “I really do believe that it’s absolutely essential that we embrace that Reagan doctrine,” the former vice president said on Fox News on Tuesday. “I’ve stood closer than I am to you and looked Vladimir Putin right in the eye and told him things he didn’t want to hear.”

There are a lot of things that Putin doesn’t want to hear — like that he’s a below-average height for a male, or that his troops have suffered humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat — but no one is buying that Indiana’s biggest Garfield fan is the one who said them.

“Mike Pence just making stuff up. He claims he stood up to Putin ‘and told him things he didn’t want to hear.’ It never happened. It’s more likely Mother or the fly on his head did,” former NBCUniversal senior executive Matt Sington tweeted, while political commentator Brian Normoyle added, “There are many things Mike Pence has never done in his life. Chief among them is look Vladimir Putin in the eye and tell him anything of consequence, let alone things he didn’t want to hear. What a weird lie to tell.” Here’s more:

And what’s this I hear about the baby looking at him?

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