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Wednesday Narrate Casual Tragedy On Their Heady New Single ‘Bath County’

Wednesday‘s music is full of casual mayhem, especially in their latest album, 2021’s Twin Plagues. In “Cliff,” ashes are kept in a Dallas Cowboys urn; “Gary’s” begins with a screen door being ripped off its frame. Cigarettes and disillusion abound. Their forthcoming album Rat Saw God is sure to exist in a similarly chaotic world.

Following “Bull Believer” and “Chosen To Deserve” is “Bath County.” “I can walk on water / I can raise the dead,” Karly Hartzman begins the track singing. Quickly, it transforms into a whirlwind of twangy, heady indie rock emphasizing the seismic feeling of Hartzman’s hook: “Every daughter of God / Has a little bad luck sometimes.”

“This is a song I wrote on a porch in Bath County, Virginia when me and [lead guitarist] Jake [Lenderman] were visiting Jake’s moms hometown,” Hartzman explained in a statement. “It includes some imagery I saw on that trip as well as a description of a guy we saw overdosed in a parking lot early one morning on our way to Dollywood.”

About the video, Hartman added, “The video I made myself is an homage to PJ Harvey’s video for ‘Man-Size.’ I’ve never seen someone emit as much confidence as she does in that video. I wanted to pretend for a minute I possessed that attitude but it was harder than it looks! Endless respect for Peej.”

Listen to “Bath County” above.

Rat Saw God is out 4/7 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.