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Traeger Released A Game Changing Grill That Allows You To Live Like Tyrese Gibson

Traeger helped make us all barbecue pros when it comes to smoking meat at home. Well, at least they made it easier for us to be pros in our minds and backyards with low-and-slow cooking. Now, the brand is tackling a whole other form of outdoor cooking — the flat grill top.

The Flatrock Grill is the ultimate backyard griddle and was built for all of us who want to round out our cooking skills with some classic flattop work. The griddle has temperature control features that allow for three distinct insulated cooking zones on the griddle — allowing you to cook different foods at different temps. The build blocks wind from cooling your food as it cooks outdoors. And special u-shaped burners allow for consistent heat across the whole griddle.

The grill isn’t exactly cheap. It’ll set you back $899 and there’s a waiting list already, which isn’t surprising given Traeger’s devoted fan base. But that fan base doesn’t exist without merit. Their smokers deliver in every way and there’s no reason to think this backyard griddle won’t be next level.

What does it all mean? It’s time to set up a Hibiachi party station in your backyard! If that doesn’t sound like fun, Tyrese Gibson and his hibachi-loving crew beg to differ.