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Alex Jones Apparently Thinks A Satanic Pledge Is Involved In All Record Deals And R.E.M.’s Mike Mills Had A Perfect Response

Talk of Satan in the music industry still has several people shook. Just weeks after Sam Smith and Kim Petras‘ “Unholy” performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards, conspiracy theorist and provocateur Alex Jones took to his biblical talk channel His Glory, where he expressed that he believes that musicians and artists must make some sort of Satanic pact before they make it big.

“It happened to Mark Dice, it happened to me, it happened to a bunch of other people I’ve talked to — before you’re offered a national TV show, before you’re offered a major record deal — they get you in a room and they say, ‘Listen, we want you to reject Jesus Christ and pledge yourself to Lucifer,” Jones said.

As preposterous as this sounds, he claims to have had an “off-the-record” conversation with some record executives you backed up his claims.

Of course, Mike Mills, of “Losing My Religion” band R.E.M., had a cheeky response to Jones.

“Can confirm,” said Mills in a tweet.

Adding to the mix was Jason Isbell, who offered an equally hilarious response.

“But the key is to get a key player clause,” Isbell said. “That way if Lucifer goes to a different label you can get your album back.”

You can see clips of Jones’ show above (if you must).