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Donald Trump’s Latest Nickname For Pete Buttigieg Might Be His Worst One Yet

Not all of Donald Trump nicknames are winners. For every Meatball Ron (which he claims he didn’t come up with, but he should because it’s very funny), there’s a handful of lackluster efforts like Crooked Hillary for Hillary Clinton and Al Frankenstein for Al Franken. Trump isn’t better than much, but he’s better than that. The former president sunk to a new low when it comes to nicknames, however, when he debuted his latest insult alias for Pete Buttigieg.

“Wow, is The Washington Post becoming legit,” Trump wrote on Truth Social at 1:41 a.m. EST. “They just reported that the weak and totally ineffective Secretary of Transportation, Pete ‘BUTTedgeedge,’ LIED when he said that the Trump Administrations great and effective reduction in regulations, a giant job producer, had NOTHING to do with the East Palestine Train Derailment. It was just more Dem DISINFORMATION in order to deflect from their gross incompetence. Really good investigative journalism by The Washington Post.”

BUTTedgeedge hasn’t made the “list of nicknames used by Donald Trump” Wikipedia page yet, nor should it. It’s a childish insult (and arguably “homophobic”), but it’s also just lazy. And confusing, a first draft pitch if I’ve ever heard one. At least Alfred E. Neuman required some effort.