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Boygenius Have The Most Fun Day Together In Their Endearing And Candid ‘Not Strong Enough’ Video

One thing that is so crystal clear about Boygenius is that the trio loves being together. That’s obvious even by just the nature of the project: Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker all have successful solo careers, so there’s not really a pressing need for any of them to put those aside in favor of sharing the spotlight in a group project. So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that after their self-titled EP in 2018, the three are reuniting for a new full-length album, The Record. That’s actually coming at the end of the month, and as an appetizer, Boygenius shared a video for “Not Strong Enough” today.

The spirit of their friendship is so clear in the video, which was self-shot (and handed it off to Jackson Bridgers for editing) and features Bridgers, Dacus, and Baker spending a fun-as-heck day together. Laughs and other signs of merriment abound as the three jam out in the car, play arcade games, take in some art, and otherwise revel in what seems to have been a delightful time.

The carefree video echoes the album’s mission statement, which was described in previous press materials as being “about recapturing joy.”

Watch the “Not Strong Enough” video above.

The Record is out 3/31 via Interscope Records. Pre-order it here.