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‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Has Unveiled Footage Of A Challenging New Environment And An Official Release Window

The Walking Dead franchise will return this spring. This will happen on Mother’s Day with the final season of Fear The Walking Dead‘s premiere, and then the rolling releases of three spinoffs will go down over the next year or so. Actually, Rick Grimes/Michonne’s standalone show only recently began filming, so we’ll see it sometime in 2024. Before that happens, Daryl Dixon will mysteriously wash ashore in France, but first, Negan and Maggie will head into Manhattan for The Walking Dead: Dead City.

This is a bad idea, obviously. Not the show but the idea that heading into one of the world’s most populated cities can work out well. Yet the show’s synopsis reveals that they’re on a “dangerous mission,” which people seem to believe is to rescue Maggie and the late Glenn’s son, Hershel, who may have been kidnapped. The irony here, of course, is that Glenn is the one who rescued Rick Grimes when he was dumb enough to wander into a city, and his son is now potentially recreating this peril.

Yet for the moment, it’s enough to witness this new BTS footage released by AMC and tweeted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

As Morgan also writes, we can expect this spinoff to debut in June. We’ll see six episodes with possible followup seasons, and I do hope that Maggie gives Negan a lot of hell. Redemption arc or not, he deserves to keep suffering for what he’s done. Not only to Glenn and Abraham but to most of the humans on The Walking Dead. At least Judith let him know who’s boss, though.

As the above footage reveals, the concrete jungle environment will very much be a character in this spinoff. The leafy greens of the country have been replaced by colder, harsher surroundings in a city that’s apparently still inhabited by millions of non-Walkers. Should be strange! Further, showrunner Eli Jorne has boldly promised to deliver “one of the most awesome, disgusting, terrifying walkers that I’ve seen in the history of the show.” Get ready for people to puke, but then again, viewers of this franchise have likely acquired tough stomachs.

The Walking Dead: Dead City arrives in June on AMC.