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Lady Gaga Believes ‘Art And Culture Are Having A Bit Of A Hard Time’ Right Now And She Explained Why

Lady Gaga has remained a fixture in pop culture since her breakout 2009 single “Just Dance.” Since then, the Oscar winner has been a dominating force in film, television, fashion, and of course, music. However, the multi-hyphenate has begun to notice changes in the public’s value of culture.

During an interview with Wallpaper, Gaga spoke in great detail about her creative partnership with vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon. The entertainer shared that culture was the driving force behind the collaboration.

“Culture is incredibly important – and I do think that art and culture are having a bit of a hard time at the moment,” she said. But she was sure to point out that while there are similarities between the two concepts, the differences are equally as important to distinguish.

Gaga continued, “I think that there’s a difference between making artistic things and then being in an artistic culture, meaning a culture of artistry, artists that hang out together, artists that talk to each other, spend time together, create together. It’s not about status, it’s about the work.”

The musician shared her own realization of this as she said, “I wish that I could give everyone that is an artist in the world the opportunity to live a week of my life. When I was 18 on the Lower East Side, I had so many artistic friends, and nobody knew who we were except for each other. And we used to put on shows for each other at local places, and we would show our artwork, paintings, photography, poems, music, performance art and everything,” before adding, “We had no social media, and nobody knew who we were. And it was so rich, the culture… I don’t mean it in a bad way. Culture changes. There is a presentational quality and a pressure that we all feel now.”

As Gaga wrapped up her thoughts on the matter, she closed with, “Culture is immensely important. It affects politics. It affects humanity because politics affects humanity. It affects society, and I think that we could put a lot more importance on it being not financially rich, but emotionally rich.”

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