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Things Are So Uncomfortable At Twitter That Elon Musk Reportedly Needs Bodyguards To Go To The Bathroom

To the surprise of no one, the situation at Twitter has not improved under the leadership of Elon Musk. According to a damning new report, the Tesla CEO’s management of the social media platform has continued to result in mass employee terminations and resignations, which has left several significant features unmanned and/or broken as Musk desperately tries to cut costs.

“For someone on the inside, it’s like a building where all the pieces are on fire,” an anonymous engineer told the BBC. “When you look at it from the outside the facade looks fine, but I can see that nothing is working. All the plumbing is broken, all the faucets, everything.”

Compounding matters is the fact that Musk reportedly doesn’t trust Twitter employees and has been bringing in Tesla engineers to randomly man systems that they have zero experience working with. On top of that, Musk refuses to go anywhere in the building without bodyguards. Via BBC (by way of a Twitter engineer), this includes while using the bathroom:

“Wherever he goes in the office, there are at least two bodyguards – very bulky, tall, Hollywood movie-[style] bodyguards. Even when [he goes] to the restroom,” he tells me.

He thinks for Mr Musk it’s about money. He says cleaning and catering staff were all sacked – and that Mr Musk even tried to sell the office plants to employees.

The BBC report also revealed that Twitter employees’ claims that “the company is no longer able to protect users from trolling, state-co-ordinated disinformation and child sexual exploitation,” and Musk fired back at the article as a whole.

“Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has … trolls,” Musk wrote along with a troll emoji and a screenshot of the BBC article. He later added that “trolls are kind of fun.”

(Via BBC)