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Stephen A. Smith Brought Back His ‘TAke a look y’all’ Tweet As Twitter’s Image System Crashed

Elon Musk’s continued efforts to tear Twitter down brick-by-brick rolled on unimpeded on Monday, as an attempted change the company made had the “unintended consequences” of crashing their image system, meaning no posts with pictures or GIFs could load — and, apparently, tweets won’t show up in blog posts so we have to have screenshots in here.

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That led to yet another mild panic that Twitter may be on its way to dying as a site, but mostly it led to jokes about Twitter once again finding a way to ruin one of the things people like about the site. Sharing memes, photos, videos, and GIFs is one of the main functions of Twitter, and yet they managed to screw that part up on accident.

Once people started to realize that photos wouldn’t load, many in the sports world immediately called back to an all-time Twitter goof, when Stephen A. Smith posted a link to a photo, not the actual photo, with the legendary line “TAke a look, y’all.” Even Smith himself took the opportunity to poke fun at Twitter (and himself) by bringing that back with a perfectly timed callback.

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It’s one thing to get clowned on by terminally online people (like myself) but when Stephen A. even finds the opportunity to dunk on you online it’s really time to reevaluate things over at Twitter HQ. Kudos to Smith though for recognizing the moment and taking the opportunity to deliver a near-perfect tweet.