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Ted Cruz Tried To Be Cute With A Cancun Joke, And People Aren’t About To Let Him Get Away With It

Ted Cruz always lets criticism roll right off him, and there’s something to be said for this, given that politicians will always receive snowballs in the face. These shots at Ted are quite often fair, especially when it comes to referencing his ill-advised, sun-soaked Cancun trip, which turned out to be a whirlwind voyage after people called him out for leaving his constituents (and his dog, Snowflake) to literally freeze when a deadly ice storm took down the crumbling Texas power grid. Ted has continued to not grasp the reality of how his trip looked, but people won’t let him forget that he’s still a weasel for it.

Fast forward a few years, and California Governor Gavin Newsom is being criticized on a similar note. As Page Six points out, people are not thrilled that he embarked upon “personal travel” while some Southern California residents are somehow digging out of a snowstorm in San Bernardino county.

As one can imagine, California isn’t equipped for this type of phenomenon, and one cannot imagine snow plows being available at all, and of course, Ted is all over this. He previously fired a shot at how Newsom wore fleece while enjoying air conditioning, and Ted is back for more against a Democrat. One actually wonders if Ted is roasting Newsom or if he simply wants to make a “cool” joke. You be the judge. While responding to coverage of Newsom’s debacle, Ted tweeted, “Cancun is nice this time of year.”

Palm tree emoji and everything. However, this is Ted Cruz, and people love to call him out, so that’s what happened. There is no shortage of people accusing him of making light of that fatal Texas storm while trying to be cute.