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Arnold Schwarzenegger Issued A Warning About The Recent Rise In Anti-Semitism While Getting Personal: Don’t Become A Nazi ‘Loser’

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a powerful message to anyone who’s found themselves seduced by the rising tide of antisemitism and hate. The Terminator star recently visited Auschwitz, and the experience left him profoundly concerned about the recent flirtations with Nazi ideology that have been making headlines. Like his message to Russians last year after the country invaded Ukraine, Schwarzenegger repeatedly referenced his own father, who was left “broken” after joining Hitler’s forces in World War II.

“I don’t know the road that has brought you here, but I’ve seen enough people throw away their futures for hateful beliefs,” Schwarzenegger said in the 12 minute long video. “So I want to speak with you before you find your regrets at the end of that path.”

While recalling his visit to Auschwitz and seeing the genocidal effects of Nazism firsthand, Schwarzenegger urged anyone tempted by hate to re-examine the path they’re on before they wind up a “loser” like his father and the other Nazi soldiers that populated his hometown in Austria. Via CBS News:

“Hate burns fast and bright. It might make you feel empowered for a while, but it eventually consumes whatever vessel it fuels. It breaks you,” Schwarzenegger said in his video. “There has never been a successful movement based on hate … I don’t want you to be a loser.“”

You can read more of his warning at CBS News, but in conclusion, Schwarzenegger declared, “Choose strength. Choose life. Conquer your mind.”

(Via CBS News)