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Indigo De Souza’s ‘Smog’ Video Is A Peek Behind The Curtain Of Those Living With High-Level Anxiety

Musicians often use their art as a release of their most intimate thoughts. Alternative musician Indigo De Souza is no exception. With songs like “Real Pain,” “Kill Me,” and her new single “Smog,” you couldn’t think otherwise.

“Smog” follows up “Younger & Dumber,” both off of her forthcoming album All Of This Will End, due out next month. Never afraid to put her emotions on forefront, “Smog” provides an honest detailing of what it’s like to battle with high-level anxiety when in the public eye as she sings, “I talk too much when I’m nervous / I give too much away / And you might think I’m trying to f*ck, but I’m really just trying to bang / I don’t think I deserve it / I don’t think anything / I just sit down and shut up /And hope they don’t notice me.”

In the self-directed video, the musician demonstrates just how that entanglement of feelings presents itself in public places and with those she comes in contact with in these shared spaces.

In a statement, De Souza shared “Smog” in her words is “about that strange time and how it felt in my house, alone. When the neighborhood was asleep, and all the lawnmowers stopped, I felt free to make anything and sing anything I wanted. It was my first time ever living alone. It brought me a lot closer to myself.”

The singer contained, “I was living alone on a dead-end street surrounded by neighbors who were seemingly always mowing their lawns. I remember having a lot of anxiety during the day, navigating the newly awkward and uncertain experience of doing anything mid-world freak-out. I was in an emotional state that felt like a cross between delirious joy and a real tired hopelessness. Everything felt unknown and distant.”

Watch the video above.

All Of This Will End is out 4/28 via Saddle Creek. Find more information here.