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Mark Ronson ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ With Kacey Musgraves On Exuberant Cover Twist

For the Elvis soundtrack, Kacey Musgraves unveiled a cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in June last year. Now, Baz Luhrmann’s label House of Iona/RCA Records has shared a version with Mark Ronson from the forthcoming Elvis soundtrack deluxe edition.

While Musgraves’s rendition in 2022 was piano-driven, retaining the emotional vulnerability of the song, Mark Ronson gave it an exuberant twist. Her vocals are accentuated by a pulsating, catchy beat, transforming the classic song into a hopeful, exuberant anthem.

Musgraves’ last record was 2021’s critically acclaimed Star-Crossed. A highlight was “Breadwinner,” which grappled with sexism in interpersonal relationships.

“I’m not the only one who’s experienced that, and I’m not going to be the last,” Musgraves explained about the 2021 track. “It always makes it easier to put vulnerable thoughts out there when you know they’re going to be met with connection. As more women have moved into power, it’s been interesting to see the effects. It’s important for men to know there are so many things you can bring to the table other than money. If you’re with a woman who earns more than you, maybe look at what you can bring emotionally, mentally, or around the house.”

Listen to the remix of the “Can’t Help Falling In Love” cover above.