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Bengals WR Tyler Boyd Accused The Ravens Of ‘Sabotaging’ Lamar Jackson After He Was Franchise Tagged

The biggest free agent in the NFL is still technically on the market. The Baltimore Ravens and starting quarterback Lamar Jackson were unable to come to terms on a new, long-term contract ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s franchise tag deadline, but there’s a catch: the Ravens put the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, which means he is still allowed to negotiate a deal with other teams and, if Baltimore does not match it, the team will receiver two first-round picks as compensation.

The problem Jackson is facing, however, is that NFL teams don’t seem to be interested in him. In the aftermath of the former NFL MVP becoming attainable, numerous teams began letting it know that they don’t plan on pursuing him, even though most of them have major question marks at quarterback.

Jackson is known to be asking for a lot of guaranteed money — he reportedly wants a guaranteed deal like the $230 million contract Deshaun Watson got from the Cleveland Browns, a deal which was specifically cited by Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti as something that will “make negotiations harder with others.” All of this has raised eyebrows among NFL players, with one — Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd — straight up accusing Baltimore of “sabotaging” its franchise player.

Clark throwing out collusion is quite the allegation, and apparently, the NFLPA is keeping an eye out to see how things develop.