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Tesla Steering Wheels Can Reportedly Pop Off While Driving And, Yup, Everyone Has ‘ITYSL’ Jokes

When it comes to buying a new car, there are some really key things that can make or break your decision. For one, you want to make sure it has lights. That’s important. There should also be at least four but no less than 8 tires, in order to move the vehicle. You also want to be sure that the car is equipped with a steering wheel so that it can be driven, that’s another plus, though it’s not always a given, as some Tesla owners have recently discovered.

According to AP, The US auto safety regulators have begun an investigation into Tesla’s Model Y SUV after reports of the steering wheel falling off, which is typically not something you want to happen in a motorized vehicle. But it did, and it happened to a nice suburban New Jersey family earlier this year, when the wheel to their Tesla came off with no warning, just five days after the car was purchased. That’s not really the type of “breaking in” that is recommended, normally.

The guy is fine, but what’s more important here is that everyone has the same jokes about it, so we can all come together to marvel at the bad year Elon Musk is having. Of course, the immediate situation to come to mind is a particular I Think You Should Leave sketch which features a focus group being asked about their ideal car features.

The skit features Ruben Rabasa, actor and meme muse, simply requesting that a car has a wheel, which seems standard. But, as we all know now, it’s not standard in Elon Musk’s America. Of course, things go off the rails as they normally do in Tim Robinson’s sketches.

The jokes did not disappoint, though, even if it’s just the same one over and over again. It’s funny every time! Because it’s true.

As for the car, Tesla first tried to charge the man to fix the steering wheel problem, but after a social media storm, they exchanged the car for another model. Maybe Elon has “no good car ideas,” and now he has to marry his mother-in-law. It’s just the way it works.

(Via Associated Press)