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‘New Girl’s Jake Johnson Revealed His Hunch On Whether Nick And Jess Are Still Together After The Finale

Jake Johnson offered New Girl fans a heaping bucket of hope about the fate of his character Nick Miller and Zooey Deschanel‘s Jessica Day. The two ended up together by the time the wildly popular sitcom reached its series finale, and according to Johnson, not much has changed. While promoting his directorial debut, Self-Reliance, Johnson opined on the fan-favorite characters.

“I think they would definitely make it work. I don’t think they would break up,” Johnson told a SXSW panel. “They have a kid, they’re jumping around on that bed, you guys know it way more than me. I don’t think Nick or Jess would ever fall out of the commitment to do this thing together.”

Johnson expanded even further by saying the only thing would be a little different is everyone’s hair and waistlines. Via IndieWire:

“Liz Merriweather has created a very optimistic show, it’s people who are sweet to each other. So if it’s real and they’re alive, they’re all still together. They’re just a little fatter, besides Schmidt, the hair is a little thinner besides Schmidt…If we did a reunion, Schmidt needs to be in a toupee.”

As for interacting with New Girl fans, Johnson is, of course, appreciative for the love, but he got into directing because he wanted to make something a little more engaging. While the fan love is great, he said every interaction seems to always involve people having the show on while doing housework.

“‘Yeah, it’s the best, I can do my laundry, I have you on in the background,’” Johnson said of running into fans. “‘You’re just a voice in our house in the background, always.’”

(Via IndieWire)