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Maya Hawke Gives A Mysterious And Inviting Performance Of ‘Thérèse’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

While Maya Hawke is most known for her part on Netflix’s Stranger Things, the daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke also has a musical side. In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hawke performed “Thérèse” from her 2022 album, Moss.

Joined by a full band, Hawke quietly runs through the lyrics and enchantingly moves around the stage — keeping with the witchy, mysterious energy of the song.

“I go see Thérèse dreamin’ / She’s stretchin’ out her sore shoulder / Leanin’ back, eyes closed, reachin’ up / She’s wishin’ she was older,” Hawke sets the tone of a dreamscape in the opening verse.

Halfway through the performance, the band shifts styles to introduce a fuzzy electric guitar and added drums in a powerful instrumental break.

“‘Thérèse’ is about the secret spaces we build where we are free to be ourselves, in a world that is always intentionally or systematically misunderstanding us,” Hawke previously told IndieWire, upon the music video’s release. “How hard we have to fight against internal and external forces just to love each other, love ourselves, love our bodies. ‘Thérèse’ is a call to return to the beginner’s mind. A reminder, if only to myself.”

Check out Maya Hawke’s “Thérèse” performance on Fallon above.