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The Paris Hilton Sex Tape Parody In Pink’s ‘Stupid Girls’ Video Left Hilton Hurt, She Explained

Paris Hilton’s new book, Paris: The Memoir, was officially released on March 14. It’s an honest look at Hilton’s life, and in excerpts shared by Us Weekly, Hilton writes about her sex tape and how she responded to Pink parodying it in her 2006 video for the song “Stupid Girls.”

Of her status as a sex symbol, Hilton wrote, “The world thinks of me as a sex symbol, and I’m here for that, because ‘symbol’ literally means ‘icon.’ But when people saw that sex tape, they didn’t say ‘icon,’ they said ‘slut.’ They said ‘whore.’ And they weren’t shy about it.”

She then said of Pink’s video, “The whole video is a not-at-all-subtle send-up of ‘porno paparazzi girls’ in general and, specifically, me, in a parody of my infamous sex tape.” She added the tape was “released and monetized against” her will and continued, “Pink sang about ‘outcasts and girls with ambition’ and said, ‘That’s what I wanna see.’ But she chose not to see it in me.”

Hilton added, though, that despite all that, she’s not holding a grudge: “There’s no Pink-Paris feud. That’s not a thing. I have the attention span of a gnat, which means I suck at holding grudges. Anyway, anger doesn’t help; honesty does. So, I’m being honest right now.”

She also wrote, “The release of that private footage devastated me, personally and professionally. It followed me into every audition and business meeting for years. Even now, in a corporate world dominated by men, I look around a conference table knowing that most of the people sitting there have seen me naked in the most degrading way imaginable. […] It’s out there waiting for my children, who will be confronted with it someday.”

Revisit Pink’s “Stupid Girls” video above.