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Jimmy Kimmel And Seth Rogen Swapped Hilarious Stories About Meat Loaf (The Singer) And Meatloaf (The Food)

Seth Rogen stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his book’s new paperback version, Yearbook. In a typical comedic fashion, he also dished on everything from going to the porn awards to the Oscars. However, it was Kimmel who kicked off a truly hilarious conversation about a certain late musician.

“One time, I was at The Ivy eating dinner, and I came out, and this car pulls up, and the door opens,” Kimmel explained. “The special that night was meatloaf. The door opens, and this man gets out, and it is indeed the singer Meat Loaf. He approaches me and embraces me, and I had not met him before. He was very nice, very friendly. All I could say to him was, ‘Wait until you hear what the special is.’”

And, as it turns out, Rogen also had an encounter with the eccentric singer.

“I got a funny Meat Loaf story,” Rogen replied. “I made this movie Sausage Party years ago. In it, there’s a scene where ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’ is playing, and we realized Meat Loaf sings [it]. It’s a movie about food that talks. We should have there be a meatloaf you cut to singing. In order to do that, we had to get the legal sign-off of Meat Loaf.”

He continued, “I call him and the phone’s ringing, ringing. I call him ten times. Finally, Meat Loaf answers like, ‘Huh? What? Huh?’” he adds, explaining that he accidentally woke the musician up from his nap. “He goes, ‘Call me Meat,’ which is a weird thing to be commanding.”

After Rogen explained the movie scene’s pitch, he recalled that there was “30 seconds of silence” before Meat Loaf just said, ‘Yeah, I get it,’ and hung up.

Check out the moment, which starts around 12:55, above.