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Alexander Skarsgård Teases A ‘Spectacularly Beautiful’ New Location For ‘Succession’ In Season 4

Hollywood’s tallest silly little guy Alexander Skarsgård is prominently featured in the trailer for Succession season four. The actor, who plays tech mogul Lukas Matsson, will feel right at home: part of the final season takes place in Norway, near where he (and other various Skarsgårds) was born in Sweden.

“We shot up in the fjords, up in the mountains. It was spectacularly beautiful. It’s a company retreat, basically, an opportunity for relaxation but also hard negotiations about how to move forward,” Skarsgård told Entertainment Weekly, adding, “It was quite fun to get out of New York and shoot something on kind of Matsson’s turf.”

The Infinity Pool actor also discussed working with Kieran Culkin, his frequent scene partner. “Kieran’s extraordinarily fun to work with,” says the actor. “He’s a very lovely, sweet guy, and he plays that role phenomenally. He’s like a little terrier. He comes at you with a lot of energy in those scenes, and it makes it very easy, because there’s so much to play off of when you’re working with Kieran.” As for the line that Skarsgård thinks best sums up Lukas, he said it’s during his first episode on the show.

“I remember the first day, one of my first lines was, Jeremy asks if I want anything and I say ‘Privacy, p*ssy, pasta,’” says Skarsgård of [season three’s “Too Much Birthday”]. “I think that’s a terrific line, and that kind of sets the tone, and gives you so much information on who Matsson is.”

Succession returns to HBO on March 26.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)