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Desmond Bane Got Ejected For Giving Kevin Love A Ric Flair Quality Low Blow

The Memphis Grizzlies have become one of the NBA’s top villains, as their constant trash talk and physical play (that some opponents say crosses the line into being dirty) has earned them quite the reputation around the league.

On Wednesday, the Grizzlies saw a player get ejected for a low blow for the second time this season, as Desmond Bane joined Dillon Brooks in earning an early exit for taking a swing at an opponent’s groin. While Brooks’ punch to Donovan Mitchell’s nuts sparked a fight, Bane’s was more along the lines of something we see on occasion from guards, as he swung his arm between Kevin Love’s legs as he hedged high to defend a pick-and-roll, delivering a low blow that would make Ric Flair proud.

The reverse angle is likely the one that led to the ejection, as you can see more how he swing through on Love.

It is a direct hit on Love, who folds up upon impact and leaves his feet completely, and not a wise move from Bane, who had 11 points before getting tossed, serving as Memphis’ most dangerous perimeter scorer with Ja Morant still suspended. His ejection seemed to ensure there wouldn’t be a miraculous comeback happening for the Grizzlies, which found themselves down 28 after three quarters, as they figure to give up part of their one-game advantage on the Kings for the 2-seed.