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‘Stealthy’ dog gets around the house by tiptoeing everywhere and it’s strangely adorable

Dogs can be weird. They’ve all got their own personalities and sometimes we owners have to raise an eyebrow and scratch our heads trying to figure out what they’re thinking. Milton, a family’s pit bull has taken to sneaking around his house for no real reason. Or maybe there is a reason, but he keeps getting caught before he can finish his diabolical plan.

Danielle Tholen told The Dodo that he started tiptoeing to get to his own food bowl when he was about 7 months old, so she took him to the vet thinking something was wrong with the puppy. Turns out, he’s just really bad at sneaking…well, kinda. Milton is so quiet that you can’t hear him on the hardwood floors, but he’s also a fairly large dog who tiptoes right in front of people.

But shhhh…he’s a stealthy boy.

“He legitimately does it to try to steal food, or make himself available in case I drop some food or he can steal it from the trash. He’s sneaky,” Tholen says in the video.

Milt’s owner goes on to explain that the constant tiptoeing started about two or three years ago, but when he was a puppy, it was just every once in a while. It’s certainly an interesting way to get around the house. I suppose if you’re constantly tiptoeing, then eventually your silent movements will land you with a stray spoil of vittles as your reward.

But Milton moves so slowly while he’s attempting to stealthily sneak forbidden treats that it looks like someone has accidentally hit slow motion on the remote. His peculiar behavior is adorable and seems to keep his owner laughing.

Watch Milton creep around below: