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Billie Eilish Had A Powerful Effect On Jason Sudeikis’s Kids After He Bought A Karaoke Machine

It was confirmed yesterday (March 16) that the rumors are true about Billie Eilish appearing in Donald Glover‘s Prime Video series Swarm. Now, actor Jason Sudeikis brought her up on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss how she’s influenced his kids.

Seth Meyers asked him about his children making music together. “As I’m coming up the stairs, I can usually hear a keyboard, and I bought two karaoke setups for me and [Will] Forte. But they’ve now figured out how to turn them on. And they’ll just be making up songs. And I truly believe it’s because I had the wherewithal to watch the Billie Eilish documentary. So when we see Billie and her older brother Finneas making music together and making each other laugh, it’s kind of similar to when I would visit my Uncle George on the Cheers set and be like, ‘This is a job? You guys all joking around?’”

“I was just curious because Daisy and I were gonna go to the concert and I wanted her to have a little more context because you gotta understand why she’s a bad guy.” He continued: “The beat is great, the lyrics are interesting, but why is she a bad guy?”

Watch the interview above.