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Meghan McCain Is Blasting Gwyneth Paltrow For Her ‘Starvation’ Diets And Looking ‘Haggard’ In The Interest Of ‘Wellness’

Meghan McCain finally went to town on a subject we all can agree on: What’s up with Gwyneth Paltrow? Like most people, McCain was rightest confused and horrified by Paltrow’s latest wellness fad, which literally involves shooting ozone up her butt. You could not make this stuff up if you tried.

However, McCain took her analysis a bit deeper and joined the growing number of experts who have been calling out Paltrow for coming dangerously close to promoting eating disorders.

“At what point is ‘wellness’ just starving yourself?” McCain tweeted this week as Paltrow’s latest interview went viral.

The conservative commenter then went long in her new column for the Daily Mail, where she highlighted Paltrow’s “disturbing” advice to women that involves a litany of cleanses, fasts, and detox procedures. McCain then made a controversial observation by noting that if Paltrow is the pinnacle of wellness, why does she not look so great? The actress had to conduct the interview while hooked up to an IV, which concerned McCain:

She has become an icon of sorts for ‘almond moms,’ a slang term for a wealthy, middle-aged women, who don’t eat real meals and instead snack all day on almonds and health bars. You know the type, we all do.

Even more uncomfortably, if you watch the video of this, Gwyneth looks…. bad, tired, haggard, and much older than her 50 years. I rarely speak about other women’s appearances but since she’s putting herself out there, let’s talk about it. The women I admire in ‘wellness’ aren’t hooked up to an IV bag.

The former The View host ended her column by connecting Paltrow’s brand of wellness to the recent trend in women taking Ozempic, which McCain recently revealed she was pressured to use for weight loss after her second pregnancy.

“No wonder there is an Ozempic craze sweeping the nation and ‘heroic chic’ thinness is back on the fashion runways,” McCain writes. “This ‘wellness’ trend is making us sick. And Gwyneth Paltrow is part of the problem.”

(Via Daily Mail)