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Russ Proves He Isn’t Afraid To Get ‘Nasty’ On His New Self-Produced Song

Russ dropped his new single, “Nasty,” and it is an ode to exactly what the title suggests. Each verse details explicit sexual lines, as he notes that he wants to take a girl out of town.

“I’m cravin’ it everyday / Don’t need to wait for the weekend for you to call out my name / Baby, we could do this often (Often) / If those pants are botherin’ you, take them off then,” he sings in the second verse.

As for the production, which Russ also handled, the beat propels the track forward — dropping out for just a moment after the chorus before returning again.

“Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty / Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty / Yeah, I want you to get nasty / Do that thing you know I like / No one watching’, it’s just me and you, alright,” Russ adds during the chorus.

He previously shared a teaser of it for fans. “I just made something insane,” Russ says in the clip, wearing his headphones around his face. As the preview plays, Russ gets into the groove of the instrumental and is clearly happy about the song he just made.

Check out Russ’s new song “Nasty” above.