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Jack White Shared A Congratulatory Message To Metallica After They Purchased A Record Pressing Plant

Metallica has accomplished another incredible career milestone. Earlier this week, the band purchased bought the controlling interest in Furnace Record Pressing, with the intention to better serve vinyl connoisseurs.

Furnace Record Pressing, which operates in Alexandria, VA, spans 70,000 square feet and offers standard and heavyweight pressings, color vinyl, special effect color vinyl, and custom vinyl etching.

Upon the news of Metallica’s acquisition of Furnace, Jack White, who owns the Nashville-based Third Man Records, took to Instagram to send the band a special shoutout.

“Huge congratulations to the boys in Metallica for purchasing their own vinyl record pressing plant!!!,” wrote White. “Metallica announced it bought the Furnace record pressing plant in Virginia today! Welcome to the cause gents! And thank you for putting your money to amazing creative use! “Here’s hoping the major labels will also see this as further proof, and finally start investing in themselves.”

In the comments, Metallica wrote White back expressing gratitude for his support.

“So unbelievable and grateful to be able to do this after all these years,” they said. “Who would’ve thought that this was even possible back in the day?! You have pioneered all of this, and we’re psyched to follow in your footsteps!”