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Ben Affleck Is Gushing Over Working With Jennifer Lopez On An Upcoming Film: ‘What Fun, What A Joy To Do Something With Her’

Even though being a Dunkin’ Donuts ambassador seems like a full-time job, you might be surprised to know that Jennifer Lopez’ new husband, Ben Affleck, likes to dabble in movies. Affleck and Mat Damon’s production company Artists Equity is already hyping up its next project, and it seems like they have enlisted Mrs. Affleck for a starring role.

The untitled project will tell the inspirational story of real-life wrestler Anthony Robles, who was born with one leg and went on to win the National Championship. This is the second movie from Artists Equity, with the first being the Nike sports drama, Air. Moonlight’s Jharrell Jerome is expected to play Roble, while Lopez will appear in an undisclosed role, according to Deadline.

Damon and Affleck sat down with CBS Sunday Morning to discuss their company and confirmed that Lopez would star in the movie. Despite seeming grumpy at times, Affleck is ecstatic to bring his wife on board the project. “What fun, what a joy to do something with her, see her be great, go to work with your wife, go to work with your best friend,” Affleck told CBS. “If you don’t like who you’re working with, and if you have difficulty or trouble at work, I think it’s one of the things that can really cause depression, anxiety and pain for people.”

Of course, casting your wife in a movie seems like a bit of marital nepotism, but Affleck knows what he’s doing. “We always hire the very best performers,” the actor/producer said. “And in this case, I can say every single person that’s been cast so far I think is the very absolute best choice.”

Lopez most recently starred in Shotgun Wedding, but she and Affleck have a long history of working together, so this should be a very fun project. As long as she is gifted with a glazed donut while on set every morning.

(Via People)